Fintech - Ireland

Baroo has built a dynamic Scrum team consisting of developers and QA/Testers who play a significant role in the design, development and maintenance of a SEPA Payments batch processing engine for handling very large XML files in inter-bank exchange as well as supported the development of a UI application for the end users.

Java - XML - JSP - Spring - Hibernate - Struts - ION - Selenium - JMS - Oracle - JBOSS - Maven2 - SVN - Jenkins - Jira - Jabber
Luxury Travel -UK

Secret Escapes is a company providing exclusive rates for luxury hotels and holidays in the UK and abroad. Baroo software developers joined the team in January 2013, spending two weeks in London. Now they participate in each aspect of the team's life - from daily stand ups to retrospectives, having become an inherent part of the company. From a technical perspective, the project is an e-commerce portal which intensively uses social building techniques, which requires good knowledge about social media like FB or Google+, tracking users' behaviours, etc. One can also say that it is a heavily loaded website created in a test-driven development (TDD) manner.

Groovy - JavaScript - Less - Grails - KnockoutJS - JQuery - Spock - Geb - MySQL - MongoDB - Git - Hudson - Amazon S3 - Social Media APIs (Facebook, Twitter, Google+) - Hudson
Telco - Ireland

BriteBill is company specializing in simplifying and customizing customer's bills, thus reducing cost of operations and improving end user experience. Baroo has delivered a high performance, billing data processing engine for the largest network operators in Europe and United States. The engine handles billing information of individual and corporate customers and enables BriteBill to customize bills. Baroo also takes an active role in improving and maintaining existing projects and processes.

Java EE - XML - XSLT - FOP - Smooks - Velocity - Spring framework - Spring Security - Spring Integration - JPA / Hibernate - AngularJS - bash - Groovy - Python - Ruby - Apache Tomcat - RabbitMQ - MySQL - Oracle
Online Media - UK

We have been working with Baroo Software since 2010. Prior to that time we focused on finding a reliable company capable of delivering software developers and QAs that were going to comply with our demand for the highest quality and would share our team spirit. Baroo turned out to fit that role. Engineers that Baroo delivered have integrated with our team easily and have played an important role in several successful projects. We definitely recommend Baroo's top notch service.

Java 5/6/EE - JavaScript - HTML - CSS - Day CQ 5.4 Framework - Sling - OSGi - JSCR (CRX implementation) - ExtJS 2.x - Selenium 1.x - JUnit - EasyMock - Maven 2/3 - SVN - Hudson/Jenkins - Jira - Confluence
Supply Chain Technology - Ireland

Baroo provide support to Armac on development of their core business software for MRO inventory planning and optimization. The R&D nature of the work requires flexibility and creativity from Baroo, as well as expertise in building systems and optimization algorithms.

Java EE - Oracle - JBoss - Hibernate - Spring - JSF - Struts - Drools - JPPF - Eclipse - Git - Ant
Oil & Gas Technology - USA

Baroo supports Pacific Summit Energy (PSE) in developing a new system for physical, financial and options energy trading for the North American energy industry. A system that has all business critical functions required and including proper transportation valuation, scheduling and cash month handling.

Java 7/EE - C# - C++ - Hibernate - Spring - JMS - Maven 3 - SVN - Eclipse - FIX protocol
Digital Media Solutions - Germany

Baroo has delivered a number of software projects for neofonie and it's customers in the areas of publishing and automotive.

Java 5/6/EE - Groovy - ActionScript 3 - HTML - JavaScript - CSS - Spring 2/3 - Hibernate - Grails - Jersey (JAX-RS implementation) - Selenium - Adobe Flex (version 3.5) - Adobe AIR (2.0) - Adobe TLF (Text Layout Framework) - Mate Framework (flex microarchitecture) - Granite Data Services (Flex - Java Messaging) - jQuery - Blueprint CSS framework - MySQL - HSQLDB - Amazon EC2 - Amazon S3 - Wikimedia - maven2 - SVN - Hudson - Jira - Adobe InDesign - Adobe Flash Builder - Adobe Photoshop - Adobe FlashAdobe Fireworks
Cloud Computing - Switzerland

Baroo is helping to build monitoring solutions for virtualized IT infrastructures. We are creating an agent that monitors infrastructure from within and uploads information to processing platform for further analysis. This agent also is a middle man between client application and main platform.

Java - JSP - Spring/AOP/ Spring Batch - AspectJ - Hibernate Entity Manager/JPA2 - Derby DB (Embedded database) - VmWare VI (vSphere) Java API (viJava) - OVAL - Quartz - EhCache - RESTful Web services / Jersey 1.6 / Apache HC / JCIFS - Woodstox / STOX2 - JSON - JAXB - Tomcat 6.x - JSP / Servlets - VmWare vCenter - VmWare Studio
Intellectual Property Solutions - Ireland

Digiprove offers a service for proving the authenticity and ownership of user's files. Baroo built an Adobe AIR based background client application for this service. It uses Adobe Alchemy and natively compiled OpenSSL library for quick calculation of SHA256 file fingerprint and offers complete set-up-and-forget experience for Digiprove customers on multiple platforms.

Adobe Flash / ActionScript 3 - Adobe Flex (4.1 then 4.5) - Adobe AIR (2.6) - Adobe Alchemy (cross compilation from native C to Adobe Virtual Machine) - Parsley Framework (2.4.0) (flex microarchitecture) - KapInspect (inspection tool for Flex) - Adobe Flash Builder
Software Consulting - Ireland

We built a fuzzy-logic based semantic email processing engine into VISION's Commitment Based Management product, COMMIT.

Java 5/EE - HTML - CSS - Spring 2.x - Struts 1.x - Oracle - Maven 2 - SVN
Startup - Ireland

Baroo helped build core components to Glowday's web 2.0 survey application. We made innovative use of Amazon's S3 web service as well as dedicated Java and flash compilers to produce new survey widgets on the fly.

Java 5/EE - Flex - HTML - Javascript - CSS - Amazon EC2 - Amazon S3 - Maven 2 - SVN
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